Photography; Key Concepts

The new second edition of Photography: Key Concepts is out since February 2016, now published by Bloomsbury Press.

The book has two new chapter, one on 'Snapshots' the other on the 'Scopic Drive'.

The new book has 80 new pictures too. 

Bloomsbury Press

ISBN-13: 9780857854933



Art Photography

Art Photography is a brand new introduction to the specific history of art photography, from its origins to documents, conceptual art, spatial practices and the archival turn.

Commissioned and published by Tate Publishing. Published Autumn 2015.

Tate Publications

ISBN-13: 9781849762243


Tate Publishing

Syntax of the Image

Syntax of the Image - essay based on a talk given at Hasselblad Foundation with Gerry Badger in Gothenburg, Sweden is now published in Imprint: Visual Narratives in Books and Beyond in bilingual edition English/Swedish (Stockholm: Art and Theory, 2013). In conjunction with Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg and Hasselblad Foundation.



Photography in Digital Culture (New Edition II)

Chapter 'The Digital Condition: Cameras, Computers, Screens’ in the new (secon) edition of Photography in Digital Culture, edited by Martin Lister, Routledge, September 2013.




ISBN-13: 978-0-415-53529-8



The Versatile Image

'The Emancipation of Photography' published in the volume The Versatile Image, edited by Alexander Moschovi, Carol McKay & Arabella Plouviewz (eds.) Leuven University Press, 2013. 

Leuven University Press



Leuven University Press

Representational Machines: Photography and the Production of Space

New book, edited by Anna Dahlgren, Dag Peterson and Nina Lager Vestberg, with chapter by David Bate


269 pages 

Aarhaus University, Denmark

ISBN-13: 9788771241655


Publisher: Aarhaus University, Denmark


Titanic at the Dock

'How do you photograph an absence?'

An essay on photographing spaces of 'absence' (on the old docks where the infamous ship Titanic was built) is published in this new book. Relaunching the Titanic, edited by William J.V. Neill, Michael Murray and Berna Grist {Routledge, 2013)


ISBN-13: 978-0-415=54056-8


Zone - The Art of Walking

David  Bate's work Zone is featured in this lovely new book edited by David Evans, The Art of Walking: a field guide is an extensive survey of walking in contemporary art. Combining short texts on the subject with a variety of artists work, The Art of Walking provides a new way of looking at this everyday subject.

The guide includes newly commissioned art and writing, and many artists have been actively involved in the design of their respective pages. Contributors include Marina Abramovi? and Ulay, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Francis Alÿs, And While London Burns, Keith Arnatt, Franko B, David Bate, Dara Birnbaum, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Janet Cardiff, Marcus Coates, Jeremy Deller, Tim Edgar, Christian Edwardes, Jan Estep, Simon Faithfull, Alec Finlay, Hamish Fulton, Regina José Galindo, Al Gebra, Mona Hatoum, Akira Kanayama, Oleg Kulik, Peter Liversidge, Long March Project, Richard Long, Melanie Manchot, Conor McGarrigle, Bruce Nauman, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Ingrid Pollard, Simon Pope, Chloé Regan, Sophy Rickett, Fiona Robinson, Matthias Sperling and Siobhan Davies Studios, Susan Stockwell, Krzysztof Wodiczko and Catherine Yass.

Black Dog

ISBN-13: 9781907317873


BlackDog Publishing


This is the book of David Bate's famous Zone work. A series of photgraphs taken in and around Tallinn in Estonia, the work was partly inspired by Andrei Tarkovsly's film Stalker (1979) also shot in teh same locations. The beautiful new artist photobook with additional essay by Katrin Kivimaa is available from Artwords Press and online bookshops.


London: Artwords Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-9064412-6-5


Artwords Press

Italian translation of Photography: Key Concepts

The Italian edition of Photography: Key Concepts is now published as Il Primo Libro di Fotografia. Published by Einaudi, Bologna.




Einaudi, Bologna



Einaudi (Italian) Publisher link

Slovenian edition of Photography: Key Concepts

Slovenian edition of Photography: Key Concepts avaliable 2012.



Taiwanese edition of Photography: Key Concepts

Taiwanese edition of Photography: Key Concepts avaliable 2012.



Japanese edition of Photography: Key Concepts

Photography: Key Concepts, 

translated by Masakazu INUBUSE and published by Film Art publishers, Tokyo, Japan, 2010.

Filmart-Sha Co; Ltd


Film Art Publishers, Tokyo, Japan

ISBN-13: 978-4-8459-1057-1

ISBN-10: 4845910578

Film Art Publishers, Tokyo

Photography: The Key Concepts

Photography: Key Concepts

It is hard to imagine anyone's everyday life without photography being involved in some way, from passport photographs, to publicity, postcards, magazines and art galleries. Photography is one of the most pervasive media and consequently difficult to grasp as a single thing. Associated with both science and art from its beginning, photography crosses many boundaries and, with the advent of digital imaging and manipulation, it has extended its presence even further. This book boils down the massive territory of photography to the key genres, discussing each in turn to show how they have become even more relevant in today's dynamic cultural and technological context. Illustrated with a range of historical and contemporary images and case material, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in photography. Published in August 2009 by Berg (Oxford, UK).

Oxford & New York: Berg Publishers, 2009

ISBN-13: 978-1845206666

ISBN-10: 1845206665

Weblink to Berg

Photography & Surrealism

This clear and challenging re-evaluation of the status and usage of photographic images in historical surrealism puts surrealism's fundamental issues back into the framework of its historical purpose and function. David Bate asks what a surrealist photograph actually is. He discusses automatism and the photographic image, the surrealist passion for insanity, their ambivalent use of Orientalism and adoption of Sadean philosophy and the effect of fascism on the surrealists. Locating the use of photography by surrealists within the cultural discourses of that historical moment,Photography and Surrealism is a genuinely original contribution to the field. The book is illustrated with a range of surrealist images.

Reprinted 2009

I B Tauris (London) (2004) 240pp

ISBN-13: 978-1860643781

ISBN-10: 1860643787

IB Tauris (London)

Zero Culture

ZERO CULTURE is an image-text work exhibited at Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art in January 2000. The first show of the new millennium, it challenges the narrative form through the idea of 'zero'. Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard's film Alphaville, it also makes a comment on culture at the turn of the millennium 'zero culture'. The catalogue also features an essay by Yve lomax.

Danielle Arnaud, 2000.


ISBN-10: 0-9537752-0-8