David Bate is a visual artist and writer based in London, UK. Widely known for his work in and on photography, art & avant-garde culture, he was one of the first UK photographic artists to experiment with digital photographic processes in the 1990s and created the innovative series European Letters in 1992. He was commissioned for a sequel work Strangers by Camerawork Gallery in 1995. The work used the new digital techniques to create a strangeness in the new digital realism and considered relations within the 'new Europe' after the collapse of the Soviet Union. His visual work has an interest in avant-garde and surrealist aesthetics: Zero Culture (2000) was a meditation on culture at the millenial moment; an experimental photo-narrative work; while the series Zone, shot in Estonia in Eastern Europe develops the haunting alterity of Tarkovsky's film Stalker. This work has travelled widely and is published by Artwords Press (London) in 2012. His 2008 work Bungled Memories is a series of beautiful still life pictures about domestic accidents that have occurred in his kitchen, as unconscious accidents. He was also Artist-in-Residence in Melbourne, Australia 2008 where he shot new work about 'globalization' and Australian Picnic. New work is forthcoming. A monograph of this work will be published soon. His many writings include the books Photography and Surrealism and Photography: Key Concepts. A full list is available on request. He is currently Professor of Photography at the University of Westminster, London, UK.